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Press Release: OCO InfoComm Pte Ltd launches Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS)

Facing the challenges of fast-evolving customer demands, OCO is launching a new service targeting the growing demand of Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS). Powered by WatchGuard's cloud-managed Wi-Fi Access Points, WaaS offers best-of-class blazing fast MU-MIMO 802.11AC wave 2, rock-solid patented WIPS, marketing and guest engagement tools and in-depth guest and airspace analytics features. With this service, you can easily kick-start your stream of marketing activities by turning a simple wireless connectivity to a rich and engaging Wi-Fi experience for your customers. Stunning splash pages can be created without the help of a web designer; invaluable customer data can be collected through engaging your target audience in market surveys; promotional alerts with targeted discounts can be pushed to customers via their mobile phones. To achieve all these, all you need to do is to get customers to be connected to your Wi-Fi. Even after a one-off transaction is completed, you would still be able to stay connected with your customer base by triggering alerts on special event notices and periodic promotions to them. This service is especially relevant and useful to F&B establishments, educational institutions, healthcare providers, Beauty & Spa etc. "Today's savvy businesses realize that safe and reliable Wi-Fi is a basic requirement, but many SMBs and distributed enterprise organizations struggle to deliver it. We've developed a comprehensive solution that dramatically simplifies how businesses deploy and manage wireless, while at the same time elevating Wi-Fi security standards," said Vincent Tan, South East Asia Regional Director at WatchGuard. "In addition to security, the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud makes it easier for organizations to turn Wi-Fi into an extension of their brand, an interactive experience for their customers, and a powerful analytics tool." Instead of the usual outright purchase model widely adopted in the market, the unique subscription-based offering of OCO's solution gives clients the highest cost-efficiencies without any capital commitments. Clients get to enjoy a low total cost of ownership while being safeguarded against technology obsolescence. To learn more, visit:

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