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OCO Infocomm Wi-Fi as a service




Wi-Fi as a service is a high performance, reliable and secure Wi-Fi solution that is fully managed using cloud based management systems for start-ups, SMEs and distributed enterprises.


It enables businesses with limited IT resources to provide fast, secure and reliable enterprise wireless LAN access across multiple locations and users without the need for experienced enterprise wireless engineers or staff.


We provide you powerful WIPS security, in-depth guest and airspace analytics and invaluable marketing and guest engagement tools.


Our solution offers enterprise-grade performance that supports the growing number of mobile devices. Everyone wants reliable connectivity with the fastest speeds, and with OCO, you can rest be assured that the Wi-Fi you are delivering is the complete solution package. Our Wi-Fi as a service package starts at only S$59.00 per AP/month.

Wi-Fi as a service

Hardware (access point)

Wi-Fi as a service

Splash page

(visual client provided)

Wi-Fi as a service

Configuration and software updates

Wi-Fi as a service

Weekly reports

Wi-Fi as a service total security

Total security

  • Automatically classify connected APs and clients as authorized, rogue, or external using the industry’s only reliable WIPS technology 

  • Automatically block unapproved devices

  • Pinpoint the physical location of any detected Wi-Fi device or interference source

  • Block multiple types of 802.11 DoS Attacks

Wi-Fi as a service simple management

Simple management

  • Easily scale from one to an unlimited number of APs 

  • Customise policies on a region-by-region, site-by-site, or even floor-by-floor basis

  • Manage via the mobile web application

  • RESTful API simplifies automating maintenance tasks, performing bulk tasks, pulling real-time user data, and extracting analytics.

Wi-Fi as a service complete visibiity

Complete visibility

  • Provide engaging social Wi-Fi experiences via portals that offer authentication via social networks

  • Send custom messages to guests via SMS, MMS, and social networks

  • Generate a visual map of foot traffic patterns 

  • Gather valuable data on guest behaviour and demographics

Wi-Fi as a service top line performance

Top line performance

  • The fastest speeds for VoIP, video and music streaming, and large data file transfers. 

  • Meshing extends wireless connectivity at a fraction of the time/cost of running cables

  • Fast Roaming enables organisations to adopt mobile VoIP clients, enhancing mobility and communication

  • Band Steering enhances Wi-Fi experience by moving groups of connected devices to the 5Ghz band

  • Fast handover forces those with low signal strength off an access point to avoid slowing down other users on the same AP

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