QueueMetrics is a call-center reporting package for Asterisk and Asterisk-based phone systems that lets you monitor agent
productivity, measure targets, conversion rates, and view campaign statistics with an easy to use interface.
For call center metrics to be effective, statistics and reports must be considered relevant, practical and objective by call-center
center professionals. Benefit from the performance analysis provided by QueueMetrics that help call-center professionals and
customers have pleasant, effective experiences while solving issues, boosting consumer's confidence and company reputation.

Benefits includes:
• Elevate candidates who are eligible for advancement
• Pinpoint areas of concern/success
• Focus on issues such as call conversion and customer retention
• Record and evaluate performance to identify areas for improvement

What it does


Measure Targets, conversion rates and agent activities


Create accurate reports and statistics


Set security and privacy on individual queues


Support virtual and multi-tenant production environments



WombatDialer is highly scalable, multi-server, easy-to-use and works with your existing Asterisk PBX. Suited for:



Send a pre-recorded message to a set of receivers. The message can be easily personalised by having your PBX read custom variables.



Send a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts, and offer them an option to be put in contact with an operator if interested


Voice conferencing

WombatDialer can connect attendants all in parallel at the click of a button - no more wasted time and manually dialling busy numbers.


Phone interviews

Connect to a set of receivers and offer them a set of IVR options. WombatDialer keeps track of selected options and forwards them to your tracking system.




Find the most valuable call center solutions for your business. Since 2004 Loway has been leading the way in the development of advanced software solutions for the Asterisk PBX, setting up modern standards for call center performance measurement.

Loway Switzerland is a leading software development company providing professional solutions for contact centers based on the Asterisk PBX technology. That is how they maintain highly personalised, one to one, dedicated continuous support, Swiss quality assurance and the highest standards of service delivered on time and to budget. Their philosophy is to deploy cutting edge solutions with proven reliability, security and effectiveness for all clients.


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