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OCO InfoComm partners with WatchGuard to provide Wi-Fi as a service

WatchGuard is a leading provider of cloud managed secure Wi-Fi , unified threat management and firewall hardware. OCO InfoComm has partnered with WatchGuard to provide Wi-Fi as a service to our customers here in Singapore. WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi solutions provide the strongest protection from malicious attacks and rogue APs using patented WIPS technology.
Powered by WatchGuard's fully managed cloud Wi-Fi platform, OCO InfoComm provides a high performance, reliable and secure Wi-Fi solution that is fully managed for start-ups, SMEs and distributed enterprises. It enables businesses with limited IT resources to provide fast, secure and reliable wireless LAN access across multiple location and users without the need for experienced wireless engineers or staff.
To unlock the vast potential of Wi-Fi you will need more than just supplying access. With OCO InfoComm Wi-Fi as a aervice we can provide you powerful WIPS security, in-depth guest and airspace analytics and invaluable marketing and guest engagement tools.

At the foundation, our solution offers enterprise-grade performance that supports the growing number of mobile devices, at an affordable monthly subscription price. Everyone wants reliable connectivity that delivers the fastest speeds, and with OCO, you can rest assured that the Wi-Fi you are delivering has all the bells and whistles.

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