OCO Infocomm managed security service




OCO InfoComm offers firewall as a service for start-ups, SMEs and distributed enterprises built into a global cloud network dynamically for your company. Our FWaaS allows organisation to consume their firewall as a monthly operational expense.




• Remote access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity allows safe and remote access to business network from any location.


• Firewall

Implementation of firewall to inspect on unmasked malicious traffic.


• Intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS)

Comprehensive and easy-to-use protection against current and emerging threats at both the application and network layers.


• Web-site filtering

Besides protecting network from virus and spywares, it also does filtering and blocking contents based on web access policies.


• Anti- virus software

Implementation of anti-virus software to detect and eliminate viruses before they spread.


• Cloud Hosted Anti-Spam filter

Incoming anti-spam filter, outgoing anti-spam filter, anti-hijacking and email archiving, powered by SpamExperts cloud-hosted solution, starting from $10 per month per domain with unlimited users (fair use policy apply).


• Security monitoring 

Ability to have live check and monitoring of security infrastructure’s performance


• Professional and dedicated service support 

Our team of security professionals will manage your security infrastructure.  


Starting at only $47/month, we provide

• Configuration

• Updates and maintenance

• Service support

• No upfront investment in equipment and software