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OCO InfoComm is certified Microsoft Silver Partner

On 9 Sep 2022, OCO Infocomm has been certified as a Microsoft silver partner in recognition of its performance in Microsoft 365 and azure cloud services. OCO Infocomm has been a Microsoft partner for many years now. This is an excellent achievement for us. We are proud to have been awarded this certification. It means we have been doing an excellent job in providing high-quality services to our customers.

The certification signifies that OCO's Microsoft 365, Windows Server, and Azure cloud services are performing at the highest level and have met Microsoft's requirements for quality and reliability. It also demonstrates OCO's commitment to continuous improvement and its ability to meet customer needs.

We are using Microsoft 365 as a platform that helps our SME customers to provide secure remote access for their staff to their computers, files, applications, and data. We are using Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure that helps them to connect to their virtual desktops remotely and securely. Together with other solutions like WatchGuard AuthPoint, Firebox, and Endpoint Security, we are able to provide an affordable subscription-based model for SMEs to achieve enterprise-grade security, flexibility, reliability, and scalability.

To help our local SME customers to maintain business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic, OCO has been focusing on Microsoft 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure. These tools help SMEs to deliver secure and reliable work-from-home solutions to their employees and adapt to the rapidly changing workforce and pandemic situation.

Microsoft 365 and azure virtual desktop infrastructure offer SMEs a secure, scalable, and efficient workspace for their end users. Microsoft 365 and azure virtual desktop infrastructure are designed to help businesses meet the needs of end-users, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. Microsoft 365 and azure virtual desktop infrastructure provide businesses with easy access to enterprise content, a variety of business applications, and the latest security features. Microsoft 365 and azure virtual desktop infrastructure offer customers the freedom to choose from any device and work from anywhere.

OCO's subscription-based business model helps SME customers to choose the right IT infrastructure without having to make large investments in the initial stages. You can save a lot of money if you choose to subscribe to our service. You can start small and increase your monthly subscriptions later if you are satisfied with the service.

OCO offers a wide range of subscription-based products and services, such as Cloud PBX, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Backup & Restore, Business Continuity, Network Infrastructure, and much more.

Schedule a meeting with us now to have a no-obligation discussion of our products and services, and most importantly your business needs.


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