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I-VIC International uses Azure Virtual Desktop to enable flexible and efficient operations

During the pandemic of 2020, all workplace was shut down and employees were required to work from home. i-vic was presented with the challenge of deploying all 150 employees to WFH. Being a contact center, communication, data security, and productivity were fundamental to the success of the business. After discussions with industry insiders, the company concluded that the most reliable and advanced architecture was to implement a virtual desktop solution that is protected by a firewall and a cloud-based PBX to route calls from different countries.

i-vic is a BPO company that offers dependable and high-quality services for clients that are looking for dependable solutions that are more cost-efficient. It operates in 4 different countries serving both local enterprises and MNCs. The organization employs the best talents across the region to ensure that clients are able to deliver excellent customer service quality to their customers. To find out more about I-VIC's services, please visit their website

After evaluating multiple proposals, i-vic selected the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, WatchGuard Firewall, and Azure cloud base PBX as the platform for the operation of the Singapore and Malaysian market. Singapore was selected as the location to host the entire network due to the reliable IT infrastructure of the country. The selection was based on Cost Efficiency, Dependability, Brand Equity, and reliable client references. Due to their experience in rolling out similar solutions for MNCs and Government Linked Agencies, OCO was the partner selected to implement the entire network solution and all the associated hardware.

By incorporating Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), a Microsoft virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service, i-vic was able to create a flexible and scalable environment at a low cost while ensuring that the WFH arrangement can continue to deliver the Key Performance Indicators while ensuring that Data are protected and employee’s productivity can be monitored. The company was able to deliver all the KPIs for the clients during a pandemic and as a result, gathered positive reviews from the clients. The success of the AVD in Singapore has resulted in the rolling out of the same WFH model across all the countries in which they operate.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop allows all i-vic WFH employees to connect to the virtual desktop through their laptops or desktops via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This allowed them to access data in their data center and keep their business running. The task of routing all the calls from the different regions were delivered by Azure cloud with WatchGuard Firebox Appliance and Authpoint MFA solutions, This architecture design allows agents to connect to their phone system securely from remote locations.

The reliability of the combined solution allows i-vic to implement one of the largest contact center operations during the pandemic. Over the course of 12 months, the solution is highly dependable and allows i-vic to scale operation according to the client’s demand. The success of the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop prompted i-vic to implement the same system across four different countries with centralized control in Singapore.

The world was a small place after the Internet Era. It became even smaller after the Covid 19 Pandemic. IT solutions took center stage during this period and cloud-based solutions mushroomed. These conditions allowed organizations to implement complex and reliable solutions that enabled employees to be working from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based solutions will continue to challenge traditional values attached to the office space as we see a continued evolution of the work environment.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based virtual desktop that is available through the Azure public cloud platform. This service allows businesses to deliver Windows 10 desktops to their employees without having to purchase and manage physical servers, storage, software, and maintenance. The virtual desktops are accessed through a web browser on any device. This allows companies to cut down on expenses and make it easier for their remote workers to get their jobs done. Azure Virtual Desktop is a great solution for people who want to access their company's data from anywhere in the world. You can access a Windows desktop from any device, whether it's a laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop computer. It's easy to use and affordable. There are several different features that come with Azure Virtual Desktop, including:

  1. Multi-User Remote Desktop - All employees can log in to a single account to use a single PC

  2. Software and applications - These include Microsoft Office 365, Sway, OneDrive, and so on

  3. Secure, compliant virtual machines - These include the latest security updates and patches, Anti-Virus & Anti-malware, web content filtering, Data loss prevention, and many more.

  4. Flexible - You can scale your infrastructure to meet business needs easily without investing in expensive hardware and software.

  5. Reduces the need for large working space as employees can be logging in securely from any part of the world.


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