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How To Choose The Right Security Company For Your Business

Managed security service providers (MSSP) are companies that offer a variety of managed security services such as firewall and VPN protection for organizations with or without an existing in-house information technology (IT) department.


OCO InfoComm Pte Ltd provides a managed security service that allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy a comprehensive set of counter-measures against advanced computer threats without the burden of maintaining, upgrading or expanding existing in-house information technology resources. By outsourcing all or part of their information technology security needs, organizations can free up critical resources to focus on their core business activities. WatchGuard (Nasdaq: WGRD), a global leader in next-generation firewall technology, offers the industry's most advanced, integrated and complete firewall solution for data networks.

With millions of global installations including hundreds of the world's largest corporations, educational institutions, financial institutions, and Internet Service Providers, WatchGuard solutions are trusted by leading-edge network users around the globe.

With the WatchGuard firebox appliance, organizations enjoy real-time threat protection, DNS firewall, application firewall, URL filtering, web content monitoring and controls, wireless network security, and parental controls - all in one simple, easy-to-use device.

How they do it:

The client pays from as little as $19.95 per month for each user that gets added to the account. Users can be added at any time. This allows the client to gradually increase their security awareness without overwhelming them with a large up-front financial commitment. The client also gets full support from OCO's technical experts via phone, email, and online chat. There's no need for the client to call "tech guys" in India. Clients love this deal because they don't have to commit any capital up-front and get instant ongoing protection.

Thereafter, OCO only charges for support and upgrades as they occur. The client pays OCO a monthly subscription based on the number of users on the account. For example, if there are 10 users, the client will pay $199.5 per month. This way, both parties know exactly what they are getting into and there is less chance of either side being disappointed with the outcome. And since the client only pays for the users they add to the account, there's no danger of overpaying just to get an account with a lot of dormant users.

How to Get Started:

If the client is interested, OCO sets up an initial consultation call between the client and the sales engineer. During this call, the client can ask questions, see how OCO's technology works, and decide whether or not it would be worth their while to sign up with OCO. If everything looks good, OCO sends over a set of contract terms (called a "Statement of Work") and the client executes the contract by signing it and returning it to OCO via e-sign or email.

And that's when the real work begins.

Upon receipt of the executed contract, OCO's engineers get to work on configuring and testing the WatchGuard appliance for the client's network. This usually takes about one to two weeks. Once the client is satisfied with the results, OCO's engineers set up the client's account and get the client's network up and running with the new firewall protection.

After that, OCO's customer support team starts working with the client to get the client's network and applications configured and operational with the new security measures. This often requires several iterations as the client's IT staff learns to use the new security features effectively.

What makes this model unique is that it combines the speed and low-risk nature of an outsourced model with the ongoing support and technical expertise of a traditional in-house team. Plus, there's no need for the client to commit any capital up-front.

What else you should know:

Unlike other managed security service providers who charge a monthly fee plus a one-time setup/activation fee, OCO only charges for support and upgrades as they occur. The client pays OCO a monthly subscription based on the number of users on the account.

Bottom line:

With this model, clients get real-time ongoing protection against cyber threats, instant ongoing updates, and a risk-free trial. OCO gets highly-satisfied customers who are happy to recommend them to their peers, has consistent revenue, and is a proven way to generate profits.

WatchGuard was established in January 2015 with the aim to become a major player in the managed security services market in Asia. To this end, they have since then developed a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Currently, they have over 500,000 users on over 5,000 accounts with a 90% retention rate.

In a recent survey by PC Mag, WatchGuard firebox appliances were rated the top product for network security and strength.


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