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Home WiFi Solution

for Operators

Deliver an exceptional WiFi experience  in the home

Improve and control your subscribers’ home WiFi experience

Our Home WiFi Solution lets you improve WiFi coverage in your customers’ homes, giving you complete visibility and control over the service and the power to solve any potential issues.


We all, as end users ourselves, have experienced frustration with WiFi issues at home. Customer dissatisfaction and high customer care costs due to a lack of adequate support tools, have damaged CSPs. And to make matters worse, new OTT players are taking away CSPs’ control over the home WiFi experience.


We developed our Home WiFi Solution specifically for CSPs. It is a full end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of the home WiFi service, including the in-home experience of end users, customer support, and even technical operations.

Fontech’s Home WiFi Solution will help you

Improve Net Promoter Score
Reduce customer support costs
Differentiate from competitors
Own the home WiFi experience

Home WiFi Software​


Installed on any third-party CPE or extender, this software enables communication between these elements and the Home WiFi Platform. It also controls features such as handover, band steering, load balancing, and data gathering.

Home WiFi Platform


The cornerstone of Fon’s Home WiFi Solution. This cloud-based or on-premises platform intermediates among the CPEs/extenders and the different remote agents that can control them (Home WiFi SDK, operation and/or support systems, etc.).


This platform provides you with full visibility of the end-user WiFi experience and the power to resolve customer issues. Its intelligence and capabilities are available through an open API for easy integration with existing systems, or through a dashboard. The dashboard is an intuitive user interface that provides real-time and historical information on home WiFi performance, and hence is key for reducing support costs.

Home WiFi Cloud System Mobile App | Singapore | OCO InfoComm
Home WiFi Cloud System Platform | Singapore | OCO InfoComm

Home WiFi SDK/Consumer app


A user-friendly tool that gives end users self-management capabilities of their own home WiFi experience. By giving customers an easy-to-use app for managing WiFi issues, you can significantly reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the need to move technical staff.


This SDK gives users recommendations on how they can improve their home WiFi, guidance on how to install new WiFi extenders, manage devices and user access policies, and it even helps them create guest WiFi networks.

Home WiFi Extenders


Even though our Home WiFi Software is compatible with third-party CPEs/extenders, we can also provide you with advanced WiFi extenders that significantly increase coverage. These extenders come with the Home WiFi Software pre-integrated and can be remotely managed and upgraded.

Our Home WiFi Solution hardware is compliant with CE certificate and EU regulations

Home WiFi Extender | Singapore | OCO InfoComm
Home WiFi Cloud System Software | Singapore | OCO InfoComm
Key features
  • Full end-to-end solution


  • Advanced WiFi extender coordination


  • Cloud-based architecture (on-premises also available)

  • Open and pluggable


  • Insight and control capabilities over WiFi performance


  • Enhanced customer support tools

  • Vendor-agnostic across two deployment scenarios:

  • OTT deployment suitable for any CPE model


  • CPE-integrated deployment works on any Linux-based router

Home WiFi Architecture
Home WiFi Cloud System Architecture | Singapore | OCO InfoComm

Optimize your home WiFi services

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